I am a self-taught photographer from Bristol, UK, with a deep love of all things Nordic. My main photographic project, Nordfjall, focuses on the landscapes of the Nordic countries, and I love to create images that are dark, dramatic and majestic.

As an artist, I strive to include as much detail in my works as possible. One of the things I enjoy about photography is that all the detail you could ever need is captured with the mere push of a button, ready for you to shape to your liking in post-processing.


I first picked up a proper camera at the age of 16, when I used a DSLR in Art class at school to take some photos for reference when painting and drawing. However, it was not until two years later, when I visited Iceland in 2009, that I fell in love with the art of photography.

The stunning, otherworldly scenery in Iceland was unlike anything I had ever experienced; from the black volcanic beaches to the mighty glaciers and mountains, I was completely captivated, and took more photos than I thought I ever would. Combined with my keen interest in Nordic history, culture and languages, this gave rise to my desire to dedicate myself to creating Nordic landscape photography.






I studied medieval Scandinavian history and Nordic languages at University, which led to me being able to spend a year studying abroad in Norway. I spent 5 months living under the Midnight Sun and the Northern Lights in Tromsø, and subsequently 5 months living in Oslo, surrounded by gorgeous lakes and forests.

This is where the Nordfjall project really came alive; I had the full extent of Norwegian beauty right outside my door for ten months, and I had the equipment to keep up.


Currently, I am living in Bristol again, and working as a freelance translator, photographer, and web developer. I have been capturing landscapes of the local area, but Nordfjall continues. A trip to a Nordic country is now long overdue…